Why Enzo Amore Deserves To Be Back Home In WWE.


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“My name is Enzo Amore, and I am a personified G and a bona-fide stud, and you can’t teach that.”
For so many months, Enzo used to shake arenas with his loud voice. People really liked it, and enthusiastically responded to his catch phrases.
Enzo is surely not the best in-ring worker. But come on, is it all about wrestling abilities?!

We all know that’s not the case. What Enzo brings to the table is pure entertainment. The guy is monstrous on the mic. He’s irritating, provocative, cocky, and uniquely funny. I guess he’s the wrestlers’ model of “THE MOUTH OF THE SOUTH” JIMMY HART. He is practically the reason BIG CASS survived in the both NXT and RAW. For CASS, he played the role of PAUL HEYMAN for #BROCKLESNAR.

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Then came the brilliant move to 205. The only time I paid attention to that show was when #EnzoAmore was its champion. He injected life to an otherwise irrelevant show. Gathering stables, starting feuds, cutting promos. He gave a meaning to all the talent and effort which was actually wasted for a long hour every week, and a long roster of talented cruiserweight superstars who couldn’t get an attentionĀ  equal to what they put to the fight each week.

Once Enzo was gone, 205 – at least for me – simply faded to black.

Everything was going fine until that unfortunate moment when those accusations against him raised.
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#WWE policy is clear: you fall in trouble, you fall out of the roster. However, the case is now closed!! No charges, and Enzo is once again a good citizen. My question: why isn’t he signed back?! Whether in the 205 roster; which really needs his presence, or back to RAW. Even joining him with BIG CASS again as a heel couple seems like a good idea to me. #BIGCASS would really benefit from a loud rat beside him, and we need someone who’s genuinely a heel.

No matter how WWE uses him, he deserves to be back home.

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Why Enzo Amore Deserves To Be Back Home In WWE.
Article Name
Why Enzo Amore Deserves To Be Back Home In WWE.
"My name is Enzo Amore, and I am a personified G and a bonafide stud, and you can't teach that."
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