The WWE Creative Team Is Not The Problem.

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Every time a discussion is on about what WWE misses nowadays, most of us – wrestling fans – hit a dead end called: the creative team!!
The guys who are supposed to be professional writers – many of them descending from the Hollywood fairyland – and paid well enough to create an interesting show that can put fans on their toes and make them enthusiastically awaiting every next episode.
However, are they really that bad at writing?!

I mean come on, they’re always blamed for the weakness of the shows. And if they’re that bad, why were they hired in the first place?! Well, #WWE is known for recruiting the best in the world in what they do – or at least they try to.

That said, I believe that team is not that bad. Then what?!


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I guess the answer to my question is NOT IGNORING THE ELEPHANT THAT’S IN THE ROOM, and that elephant is called Mr McMahon. Yup!!
You heard it right. Does anyone doubt that no angle, no gimmick, no push, nothing takes place in WWE without the interference of the man?
Does any fan doubt that the lucky guys and gals who are the boss’s type get their paths shortened and opportunities multiplied, while the unlucky ones get buried, released or pushed-to-burn?!
What makes things even worse is that the the man is too old and too stubborn. #VinceMcMahon relentlessly holds on to what he thinks: Roman Reigns is the next big thing, then be it. Sasha Banks is not big enough to break a table and doesn’t deserve any more shots at the championship picture, then be it.
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It’s a shady area between being a chairman and a veteran. Is it really “What’s best for business” or is it “I know what’s best for business.” Sometimes I find it difficult to say.
What really scares me is whether the boss himself can’t see the difference sometimes.

Dr. #EssamGaber Ali

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The WWE Creative Team Is Not The Problem.
Article Name
The WWE Creative Team Is Not The Problem.
The WWE Creative Team Is Not The Problem.

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