Is WWE Losing It’s Magic?

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Is it just me or has RAW become really boring. Maybe I’m getting old – well, I’ve become 43 about two weeks ago and I’m feeling it all over my body!
Being that old-school, die-hard wrestling fan I am, I’m not sure if it’s only me.
As a psychiatrist I know this: the more emotionally loaded an event, the more I would be able to memorize it. Well, I can hardly remember this Monday’s Night #RAW I’ve watched few hours ago.
Just shadows of #FinnBalor vs #KevinOwens match; yeah, the one with the dumb ending.

Otherwise, everything else seems blurry and confusing; but certainly disappointing.

Maybe the part that really pissed me off the most was the NUMBER-ONE-CONTENDER tag team match. A ring filled with great talents, guys that have not been given enough on-screen time of lately, most with no apparent direction or angle to serve. I thought to myself “Finally!! They are given a chance to glow, to shine, to show what they’ve really got!!” Poor me, what a nieve!
In a division that is severely suffering despite the huge number of tag-teams it has, a match that had 20-30 minutes ends in a few minutes with what is supposed to be a new Cinderella story.
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I have no problem with the #BTeam at all, but come on!! No team looked special, or even good enough.

Can you do some math to count the possibilities from a match like that. Team vs team, team-mate vs team-mate, alliances, feuds, etc… A match like that would have put the TAG TEAM division on fire for months to come. However; the end result was a BIG FAT ZERO!!

Am I suffering a mid-life crisis?! With a loss of the meaning of life and lack of purpose. May be. However, I hope that’s the case, and not that #WWE is losing it’s magic, because that’s something I can’t handle.

By: Dr. #EssamGaber

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Is WWE Losing It's Magic?
Article Name
Is WWE Losing It's Magic?
Is it just me or has RAW become really boring. Maybe I'm getting old - well, I've become 43 about two weeks ago and I'm feeling it all over my body!

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