Is Baron Corbin The NEW Michael Cole?


Baron ‘The Constable’ Corban is one of the (not-so) new, and highly annoying storylines on WWE Monday night RAW.

This is nothing new though I am afraid.

Perhaps a flashback is in order…



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In 2010, #VinceMcMahon appointed an anonymous General Manager to Monday night RAW, and there was a special laptop computer set up near the announcers table. A special sound would announce when the mystery GM would have a demand or request, and Michael Cole would go over to the computer and read the message aloud.

To fans, this was cute at first, but, after about a year, it became annoying, so they scrapped that storyline. 

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Then, almost a year later, in 2012, the anonymous GM made a comeback, but, this was for only one night. The anonymous GM returned yet again 2 years later in November of 2014, but only lasted a few months and disappeared in the early months of 2015. Well, it seems that WWE writers are revisiting this storyline again, just not as directly as one would think.

Put it in this perspective:

Stephanie McMahon is the anonymous GM and #BaronCorbin is Michael Cole reading the e-mails.

Mind blowing right?

Except, when Cole read the e-mails, he was just reading the e-mails, he didn’t seem to have a vested interest. The new twist on this old story is the fact that Corbin, seems to enjoy the torment he inflects on Kurt Angle and the other stars of RAW. The storyline didn’t work that great in the first place back in 2010, but, the writers think that if they adjust it slightly, it might work. Well, how long will it last before it becomes as annoying as it used to be?

No matter how much you modify a storyline, it will only work if it worked to begin with.

There are some storylines that worked on the first go, but, WWE writers have yet to revisit.

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Take for example CM Punk, his storyline was quite simplistic; he was a rebel who doesn’t/ didn’t play by the rules and was constantly locking horns with upper management.

Where is that modified storyline?

That could work.

Take someone like #DanaBrooke or #RubyRiott – that storyline could work if you modify it to

1) Brooke feels she is constantly overlooked by management and Titus Worldwide, and she begins to rebel and become a more aggressive character…


2) Ruby Riott thinks that her comrades (Logan and Morgan) are becoming too complacent in the ranks, she then decides to go against them and she turns Heel and Morgan and Logan turn Babyface…


Yet, WWE constantly tries to use older storylines that NEVER worked and repackage them to see if they CAN make them work.

To quote my Father, you can shine a turd all you want, but, at the end of the day, it’s still a turd.





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