Enzo Amore & Finn Balor Beef, Strowman In Denver and More!

Grumpy after last night’s *spoilers*?  Me too! Happy AF that Allie, the adorable Slayer, the Bunny of DemonxBunny, liked my tweet?  ME TOO! So it’s time for some gossip to make everything a little spicier!

#FinnBalor, like the rest of humanity, tried to give human ball of lint #EnzoAmore a chance back in the day, but apparently he lost all patience very quickly.

 Simon Grimm spilled that good inside scoop to Robbie E on the Why It Ended podcast this week, explaining that Amore had been “d**k riding him to high heaven.” Balor, of course, being a bit of a lad, could stand a little (as was seen through Instagram photos from two European tours ago; Amore joined Balor for the quick stop in Bray, Ireland to see Finn’s family) but quickly changed his tune.  Amore became overbearing and Balor brushed him off, needing exactly none of his help in any aspect of his life…especially not with the ladies!.

Amore urged Balor to get an apartment in a certain part of town that could facilitate bar hookups, and if we know one thing, Fergal “Finn Balor” Devitt does not lack in female attentions.


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Gallows and Anderson, his Bullet Club and Balor Club mates, have commented on Balor’s romantic prowess, after all!  

Amore in this sense certainly doesn’t mean love, either fast or the kind that lasts!






There are so many cute wrestling babies we get to see on Instagram, and while we coo and drool over pics of Birdie Bella and Monroe Sky Mizanin, the third face in the Wrestlemania 50 triple threat match is the oft-overlooked Freddie Moon Bennett, the lovely spawn of #MariaKanellis and #MikeBennett.  Not only do the new parents share loads of photos of the wide-eyed lass on their own social media, they’ve set Freddie Moon up with her own account! Follow her on Instagram @freddiemoonbennett, and be prepared for cute overload!


Freddie Moon on the rise… #wrestlingparents #themoon @therealmichaelbennett @freddiemoonbennett @wwe #daddyslittlegirl 🌙🍍

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Scattered bits of gossip are all around us!  For example, the fabulous Renee Young got her roots cleaned up at the salon yesterday, and she looks super DUPER fly!  Nia Jax, Lana, and Paige went up against Nattie and the Bella twins in a sexy choreographed dance-off that I hope we’ll be seeing on Total Divas next season, and Team Jax won handily!  

Becky Lynch continues to put things into her body I cannot fathom, such as quinoa fried rice and kale smoothies; her banging body is totally worth it, though!

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Lastly, Braun Strowman took his Instagram followers on a tour of his home gym in Denver, NC, Iron Physique, and the homey feel was palpable!  We can only hope to have a home gym to love as much as that!


That wraps up my wrap up!  See you tomorrow for more Goodnight Gossip!

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