5 Differences Between “Old School” and “New School” Pro-Wrestling.




  1. More Quotable Performers

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The amount of performers who can cut a decent shoot/promo has dropped off like a bad case of fleas from a healthy dog.

The new school has some performers who can cut AWESOME promos – While staying in character and mixing in a sense of humanity and/or humor.

A great example would be:

when Braun Strowman and Nicholas had to turn over the tag-team belts, Strowman said it was

“Due to a scheduling conflict…4th grade!!”

Those kinds of promos aren’t as common as they should be.

Image result for ric flair gif

Old schoolers cutting a promo, went all the way – Ric Flair standing in front of a camera, bleeding from a fresh gash in his head…Rowdy Roddy Piper smashing a whiskey bottle over his head to show that he wasn’t afraid to bleed…They promos were more about showing they were fearless, whereas now, it is more about humor.






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