Will Roman Reigns Ever Work as a Baby Face?

Will Roman Reigns Ever Work as a Baby Face?

The Big Dog, #RomanReigns has been on the losing end of two of his last three big matches, both those losses coming in Universal Championship matches against Brock Lesnar. With those losses, it seems as if WWE is not trying to push Roman as much as we all thought. However, even with this revelation, and Roman not being shoved down the fans’ throats, the boos that Reigns receives weekly are still deafening. This begs the question, will Roman ever be over as a face


WWE fans are in quite a pickle right now as it seems Roman is on a collision course with the Modern Day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal. You thought fans sabotaged matches with Reigns and Lesnar; I can’t even imagine what the crowd will be like when these two go up against each other. Not even two of, these two are clearly the two least popular stars in all of WWE.


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Maybe this feud is WWE’s attempt to put #RomanReigns over with the fans, but quite honestly, I think it would be more likely #JinderMahal ends up being the one who gets over. Fans have made up their mind about Reigns, and I don’t think it’s ever going to change. I like Reigns, I have for a while now, but even I’ll admit that the Reigns baby face gimmick isn’t working out.

WWE creative is missing out on one of the biggest opportunities that is sitting right in front of them. Turning Roman heel wouldn’t make people cheer him, but it would bring so much more intrigue to his character. That would give fans a proper reason to boo him and would also create incredible opportunities to put guys over by beating him. Hell, make Roman a pawn of the Authority like Rollins. That way, all the opportunities he’s gifted like Cena was would actually make sense.

Every one wanted #JohnCena to turn heel during the hay days of his career… he never did. This is WWE’s big second chance with their next massive pet project. Again, I love Roman. If they kept his gimmick the way it is right now, I would be satisfied. But I’m thinking of the bigger picture here, and the WWE Universe as a majority. In my opinion, the fans will never love the Big Dog, especially if he is kept as a face.

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With all this said, Roman versus Jinder is probably going to be the biggest waste of time in recent memory. Not because I don’t like it, but because I just know ‘CM Punk’ chants and beach balls are soon to be in our future, and that’s never fun. The only way that feud would have a proper pay out is if it were to culminate in bizzaro-world… because we love our Maharaja up here in Toronto!





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