Is Money In The Bank Finn Bálor’s Last Chance?

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It’s no secret that Finn Bálor has struggled to regain the spot at the top of the roster ever since he went down with his major shoulder injury after becoming the first ever Universal Champion back at #Summerslam 2016.

It’s been a rocky road for Finn and fans of his alike as many times the WWE Universe has questioned if Bálor will ever be a top guy again. Now with his spot in the #MoneyInTheBank ladder match, could this be Bálor’s last chance to regain the gold?

I believe it will be. If Finn doesn’t win the Money in the Bank briefcase, then I believe he’ll forever be a midcarder. This truly saddens me. Obviously I don’t know this to be fact, but I can sense a pattern that we’ve seen with other fun and exciting superstars, like Bray Wyatt. Yes, he did eventually win the WWE Championship and is now one half of the tag team champions, but look at how long it took him to get there.


Bálor has proven time and time again that he has the capability of putting on incredibly fine matches. His recent work with Seth Rollins was some of the best wrestling I’ve ever seen. But even with the fantastic showcasing, WWE creative has seemingly been slowly trying to bury Finn.

We haven’t seen the Demon King in forever, which is one of the coolest things on WWE TV. All or at least many of Bálor’s championship matches since his return from injury have been multi-man matches where he is rarely the centre of attention. And he is yet to have been put into a feud where fans feel engaged and captivated.

Finn needs something to propel his career in the right direction. Whether his ‘fOreVER’ gimmick was a work or a shoot, it proved to everyone that people care about Bálor. Winning the briefcase on June 17th is exactly what Finn needs, and I could argue he needs it more than anybody else in that match. Yes, #Rusev winning would be seriously awesome, but at a certain point I feel bad for Bálor because of how he lost his championship to begin with.

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I can already picture how the cash-in is going to work. Roman Reigns will, for whatever reason, get another shot at the Universal title at Summerslam against Brock Lesnar. This time, Reigns will ‘reign’ victorious and the beast will have been conquered. Brock, in his unlimited state of rage will beat down the Big Dog post-match, leaving Roman once again in a pool of his own blood…

Suddenly Bálor’s music hits, the fans go crazy! #FinnBalor cashes in his briefcase during the biggest party of the summer, and reclaims the Universal Championship at Summerslam, the place where he first won the title that he had to relinquish the night after. This is storybook stuff folks. Let’s just hope creative gets it right!

By: Patrick Gallagher

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Is Money In The Bank Finn Bálor’s Last Chance?
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Is Money In The Bank Finn Bálor’s Last Chance?

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