Goodnight Gossip: Alexa Bliss At Disney, Young Bucks, Bellas Update, Rosemary, Hogan and More!


We’re nothing without our Bellas, and the latest news is a real doozy.  Today, broke the news that #johncena had flown down to San Diego where #nikkibella happened to be.  Paparazzi caught a shot of the two with to-go coffees headed on a walk. I’d be remiss if I didn’t let you know right now that Nikki’s outfit was bad and not in an ironic, American Apparel sort of way.  Make him beg, lass!
#AlexaBliss and Mike Rome headed out to Disneyland Paris during a day trip on the WWE European Tour today!  

While not a couple, their adventure was full of Disney magic: Rome will forever be a #nerd but Bliss stunned in gold sequined Minnie Mouse ears and a Magic Kingdom shirt to match.  Mike Rome always seems to have the very best time no matter where he goes, so I guess being forever a nerd has it’s major benefits!

Matt and Nick Jackson, a.k.a. #TheYoungBucks, a.k.a. the progenitors of #ALLIN, are at Nickel City Con in Buffalo, NY this weekend and having a blast!  So far, they’ve posted selfies with Hulk Hogan, Jason David Frank (of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fame), and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. That’s not exactly newsworthy, but it’s always a pleasure to see the Bucks on their journey to make that money!


And finally, social media is the place to watch the slow resurrection of Impact Wrestling Knockout Rosemary, who lost a casket match to Su Yung and her swarm of undead brides (who then set the casket on FIRE! Impact is wild, you guys).  Allie, Rosemary’s partner in crime, merch, and possible girl smooching has been playing the shaken widow VERY well, but there have been rumblings on Rosemary’s instagram, where she’s been posting glitched photos and puzzling messages that point to a return sometime soon.  Rosemary and Allie, currently deep in the Knockouts Championship picture, are two of Impact’s main draws, with their store providing new merch for fans of the pair.

See you tomorrow as we strive to keep you sports-entertained on Goodnight Gossip!


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Sources:, instagrams: @mattjacksonYB @nickjacksonYB @alexa_bliss_wwe_ @wearerosemary


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Goodnight Gossip: Alexa Bliss, Young Bucks, Bellas, Rosemary, Hogan and More!
Article Name
Goodnight Gossip: Alexa Bliss, Young Bucks, Bellas, Rosemary, Hogan and More!
Goodnight Gossip: Alexa Bliss, Young Bucks, Bellas, Rosemary, Hogan and More!

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