Are We Watching Another Talent Being Wasted For No Good Reason?!


Out of nowhere came Elias.
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A guy with manly looks, strong physique, big body, and a good amount of wrestling skill for a bound-to-the-ground performer. Not only that, but also the guy is great on the mic; both on interviews and on cutting promos – which WWE usually uses against him. If that’s not enough, well the guy can sing. Not Frank Sinatra of course, but he absolutely has a musical ear, can play some notes and he can rhyme. Not just a guy with a guitar, not just a guy who screams, or just a guy who tries to look like an 80”s rockstar. And above all this, Elias has charisma.

Yupp, the guy attracts the audience, he wins their hearts and make their voices get higher and higher. Just listen when he asks “Who Wants To Walk With Elias?” On any given Monday, this is one of the loudest moments of the entire show. Might only come second to “WWE Stands For….” and the crowd answers “Walk With Elias”


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Well, what about his in-ring skills?! Every time Elias faced a legitimate opponent; whether it was John Cena, Finn Balor or Bobby Roodes; Elias had always delivered. His matches usually tell a solid story, with a couple of near pinfalls,  and a hit by the guitar, courtesy from Elias.

After all I’ve said and all he’s done  comes the existential question: what’s next?! Guess what: nothing. As far as it hurts me, #Elias is currently nowhere, and he will remain just there.

Why am I thinking so? Well, let’s take a look:

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Does he have a real angle? Please, don’t say it. Roodes suffered lack of direction on SmackDown Live, and came to RAW – still – with the same aimlessness.

Is Elias in the picture of any championship competition?! No.

Does he even have a decent entrance music?! I can say that nobody really thinks its special or creates any impact.

Can you tell me two feuds he has been through and came out a winner?! Exactly, the answer is no.

Have you noticed any glimpse that WWE considers turning him face?! No, no matter how much he gets the fans involved.

No, no, no… It’s always no because the way it seems, WWE has no plans for him. Or – in other words – the only plan they have for him is to use him as a ladder for other guys to climb on. And if not, he can always fill the comedy section.

We all remember Cody Rhodes,  and the way he left the WWE, until the message Triple H has sent him, congratulating him on #ALLIN. Are we watching another talent being wasted for no good reason?!


By: Dr. Essam Gaber

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Are We Watching Another Talent Being Wasted For No Good Reason?!
Article Name
Are We Watching Another Talent Being Wasted For No Good Reason?!
Are We Watching Another Talent Being Wasted For No Good Reason?! WWE Superstar Elias needs some serious direction by WWE Creative.

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