What Should Be The Main Event at Wrestlemania 34?


WWE has still not released the official Wrestlemania 34 match card just yet and this could only mean that they are still undecided. I would say this is rare because we only have a few weeks until Wrestlemania. Usually we as fans have a sense what is going to be the main event or should be the main event by now…but this topic is going around online for a reason.

We know Triple H and Stephanie would love to close out Wrestlemania 34 and be the main event but odds are that will not happen. WWE has been pushing the new story between the 4 (Angle, Rousey, HHH & Steph) pretty hard but The Universal Title match between Brock and Reigns has been in the making for over 2 years.


Not to mention Vince McMahon has always really wanted Roman Reigns to be looked at as the face of WWE. Brock Lesnar getting defeated at Wrestlemania by Roman Reigns would do just that (At least in McMahons mind).

In the mix you also have an AJ styles with the WWE title that can easily close out a Wrestlemania, a rumored John Cena vs Taker or a John Cena vs some past WWE star that could close out mania.



I am sure a good amount of people would want to argue that AJ Styles should be closing out Wrestlemania 34 and honestly I would have to agree.

Styles has the WWE title which honestly means more to us then the WWE Universal title, he always has 5 star matches and he knows how to entertain a crowd! Just wanted to through my own opinion in for a change :0).

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By. Ramsey Sidawi
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