Should Shinsuke Nakamura Win The WWE Championship?


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The Artist, the Rockstar, the King of Strong Style; all these names have been acquired by one man in WWE, the same man who will be challenging the WWE Champion AJ Styles at WrestleMania in just over a week.

Shinsuke Nakamura had a fantastic run in NXT where he was a two time NXT Champion and one of, if not the most over superstar on the roster. But his push on the main roster has been lacking in many ways. Is WrestleMania finally going to be Nakamura’s moment?

Shinsuke was able to claim victory in the 2018 Men’s Royal Rumble match; surprising fans as many thought the Big Dog had the match on lockdown. He immediately called out Styles to set up the dream match everybody wanted to see in WWE. The two have faced off previously in New Japan Pro Wrestling, with Nakamura coming out on top.

Where this match is going to be amazing, and regardless of the outcome both men deserve this spotlight, let’s not forget the dark times Nakamura had to go through during the summer of 2017.

He, as many people either forcefully try to forget or simply do not remember, already had a WWE Championship match at SummerSlam last year, where he lost to Jinder Mahal. He then lost again to Mahal at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.


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His two loses to the Modern Day Maharaja were moments that led many a fan to believe that Nakamura was never going to get the push everyone wanted to see him have. That was, of course, until January of 2018 where he hurled Roman Reigns over the top rope to earn a spot in the “main event” at WrestleMania 34.

Now the questions on everybody’s minds are: will and should Shinsuke Nakamura win the WWE Championship on the grandest stage of them all?


I believe now is the right time! Nakamura has worked very hard to get to where he is today. His match with Rusev at Fastlane, which was meant to be a total throw away bout, in my opinion stole the show that night! Him and Styles are hopefully going to put on the hard-hitting, awesome spot match that we are all anticipating.

Some people are saying that he shouldn’t be the face of the company because his English isn’t great, but there’s no denying that even that has improved over the last year.

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Having a new face of Smackdown Live is very exciting. I wasn’t a huge fan of Nakamura when he first arrived at NXT, but it’s hard not to like a guy who works hard and is good at his job. I totally believe now is the time to put a world title on Shinsuke. 2018 could absolutely be the year of strong style! It makes me super excited just thinking about it!


By: Patrick Gallagher

Twitter: @RealPatrickG




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