Rusev Actually Responds To Fans Chanting His Name At ROH Manhattan Mayhem Event!



As you can see in the above video, a crazy chant erupts with “Rusev Day” and it was not at a WWE event.

On Saturday during ROH: Manhattan Mayhem at the famous Hammersten Ballroom, fans all took part in really putting Rusev over.

Image result for RUSEV DAY GIF

Rusev finally responded to the video and it looks like he definitely has a back-up plan if things do not pan out in WWE. He did not go in depth in the response but one would think he would be getting frustrated on how WWE treats him while being so hot with the fans and across other promotions.

Most of the time WWE Superstars do not comment on what goes on at other promotions, so this could be him publicly sending a signal to WWE higher ups.

Check out his response below.


By. Ramsey Sidawi
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