Is This The Least Exciting and Un-Planned Out Wrestlemania ever? 


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 Featured Topics:

*Is this the least exciting and un-planned out Wrestlemania ever?  (Last question of the podcast, its a damn good debate)

*Why is Finn Balor still not the face of WWE?

*Alberto Del Rio Seen at WWE Headquarters, Return in the works?

*Why Jericho has so much pull in the wrestling industry.

*What the hell is up with all these Triple Threat and Fatal Four way matches?

*The Miz is getting so damn good on the mic..or has he always been?


*What Should Be The Main Event of Wrestlemania 34?

*John Cena’s Wrestlemania Opponent. 

*Wrestlemania Discussion

*Undertaker debate and why he is probably missing Mania.

*NXT Talk, Debate on Killian Dane Singles push and more.

*Fan questions from Twitter.



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