Fastlane 2018 Predictions: Nakamura vs. Styles At WrestleMania Could Be In Serious Jeopardy.


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We are on the fast lane to WrestleMania folks, and with only one pay-per-view remaining before the biggest event in sports entertainment, Smackdown will hope to lead the charge with one last exciting event. Not only that, but Fastlane will also be the final pay-per-view in the single branded PPV era.


Does Fastlane have what it takes to get fans hyped for WrestleMania? Probably, because it’s the first Smackdown pay-per-view in as long as I can remember that Shane McMahon isn’t involved in a match somehow. Let’s take a look at the match card and see if we can actually get any predictions correct!


Becky Lynch & Naomi vs. Carmella & Natalya

This match is the one filler match on the card that seems to be taking place for no reason whatsoever. It’s unfortunate that the Smackdown women’s roster is so small, because it has led to some seriously repetitive and boring storytelling.

There’s nearly zero backstory to this match, so I don’t really have any way of coming up with how this match will further that story. My pick is Lynch and Naomi.


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Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rusev

This match should not be happening, period. Both these guys need to be getting pushed because the crowd seriously wants to see it. But with a loss in this match, one of them will probably feel a big halt. If Rusev loses, he’ll still probably be over with the crowd, but it’ll be pretty clear that Vince and creative have no plans to do anything with him in the near future.

If Nakamura loses, then we are in deep, deep trouble. Imagine the Royal Rumble winner losing a trash match one month before Mania. I don’t even want to think about it. My pick is Shinsuke Nakamura.



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Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

This is surely going to, once again, be an absolutely incredible match. The Usos and the New Day put on some of the best tag team matches we’ve seen in the past several years, and we are going to be graced with yet another opportunity to see greatness. It’s been an interesting story leading up to this match, with Big E cutting one of his best promos a couple weeks ago. With the looming Bludgeon Brothers surely in the shadows, I think that we are going to see some twists and turns during this match.

I think the New Day is going to win, which can build on the Usos story of never having a WrestleMania match. I’m sure they’ll be there this year, but they won’t be walking in as champs.


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United States Championship Match

As far as I’m concerned, The Modern Day Maharaja Jinder Mahal should be in this match after he beat the number one contender Randy Orton in a singles match this past week on Smackdown Live. Either way, I do think this will be an entertaining match. We haven’t seen these guys work before so it should be interesting to see what sort of chemistry they produce.

I think Randy Orton is going to pick up the win in this one. I also would like to predict that we will see a Bobby Roode heel turn at some point during the evening. Whether it’s after he loses or during the match, I think good ol’ Bob Roode is in for a change of attitude… or an attitude adjustment if you will (I’m so sorry).

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Smackdown Women’s Championship Match

I had no interest in this match until Ruby Riotttttt cut that awesome promo on Smackdown this past week. It just gave this rivalry the backstory and motive that it needed. I’m excited to see how these two new foes work together as well for the first time one-on-one. We have all seen how talented Charlotte is, so this will be a true test for Ruby Riotttttttttttt to see if she can dance with the big names.

I think these two ladies will put on a hell of a match with Charlotte Flair coming out on top. Once the match ends however, maybe anticipate a little surprise arrival from a certain Empress….. not a spoiler….. just a prediction.


WWE Championship Six-Pack Challenge

What started as a triple threat match between Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and AJ Styles has been transformed over the weeks into a six-pack challenge with the additions of Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler and John Cena. I’ll be honest with you folks; this match scares me. The WWE Universe has been waiting for Nakamura vs. Styles at WrestleMania for so long now, but this match could be in serious jeopardy.

WWE has been known to troll their fans in the past, but this may just be the knockout blow if Styles doesn’t retain his belt tomorrow night. This match should be an absolute barnburner, I don’t doubt that; I just get very nervous when I think of what the outcome might be. I’m going to pick AJ Styles in hopes that I please the wrestling gods… please win AJ… for the people!




By: Patrick Gallagher

Twitter: @RealPatrickG


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