Could This Be A Sign WWE Is Going To Change AJ Styles Opponent Before Wrestlemania?!

While most people would agree a Shinuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles is a dream Wrestlemania match about to happen, one starts to wonder if Vince may change the direction before Mania. We have some very possible talks of Rey Mysterio returning soon and with WWE releasing the video below…it seems that they are getting a feel for how the fans would react if it did happen. I mean why the hell are they taking the time to put this out there?


I think most of us would agree it was a huge shock they let Shinsuke capture the win at The Royal Rumble, so you would think this means Vince is starting to see some major potential in him.

Maybe they might not take Nakamura out of the title match for Mania but WWE(Vince) could possibly make it a Triple Threat match?  I know most people want to see AJ and Nakamura one on one but Vince adding Rey Mysterio to the mix maybe something very plausible.

Check out the video WWE put out on their official YouTube Channel Below and let us know what you think.



By. Ramsey Sidawi
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