Will CM Punk Return On WWE’S 25TH Anniversary Special, The Royal Rumble or Sometime in 2018?

The most asked question in the last few weeks is “WILL CM PUNK RETURN FOR RAW25”. Anyone can guess, make speculation, check out dirt sheets online or just make some rumors up to generate hype.

We are wanting to go off what head multiple sites report, UFC News, Punks social media account and my past knowledge on this sort of thing.

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First off there has already been multiple reports on Dana White giving CM Punk another match in the UFC sometime this year. We know Punk’s heart is set on proving himself in the UFC, so if he did come back, it would not be for some long run.

CM Punks official twitter account has absolutely nothing going on in the terms of him talking about wrestling, WWE or RAW25. Punk’s twitter the last few months pretty much consists of Hockey talk, UFC related topics and family oriented tweets.

The last time we heard anything about Punk coming back to wrestling was when The Young Bucks said they are going to invite Punk down to their wrestling event they are holding. Which we could actually see him returning to the ring for this.

We are not trying to rain on anyone’s parade here but the chances of CM Punk showing up in a WWE Ring in 2018 is very slim. We do have some hope though if WWE can make amends with someone like the Ultimate Warrior or Brett Hart…then anything is possible in sports entertainment!


By. Ramsey Sidawi

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