What is Happening With Rusev Day?


The thing I found happened way more than it should have in 2017 for the WWE was superstars seemingly gaining huge momentum only to have their push stopped abruptly and fading away into nothingness.

This happened with Austin Aries, Neville, Finn Bálor, and Shinsuke Nakamura, just to name a few. Now it seems this unfortunate trend may be carrying over to 2018 with one of WWE’s most beloved superstars, Rusev.

It’s no secret that Rusev Day is one of the most fun parts of Smackdown Live, or even all of WWE. Rusev has finally found a gimmick that’s clever and funny enough to win over the hearts of the WWE Universe. That said, it seems to be a frequent case that if someone is mega over, Vince McMahon and the rest of creative turn their ears off and refuse to listen.

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At first, many, including myself, believed that it was finally time for Rusev to shine bright along the re surging Aidan English. They knocked off the Smackdown Tag Team Champions, the Usos, and the New Day in back to back weeks, they went on to compete for the belts at Clash of Champions 2017 and put on a fantastic show, coming up just short, and the momentum seemed to be entirely in their favour.

That was until this past week on Smackdown Live where Rusev Day took on the Fashion Police in tag team action… and lost. I just about collapsed with frustration. Not only was this basically a carbon copy of how Titus Worldwide beat The Bar the night before, this severely halts whatever sort of push Rusev and English were getting. We have seen this so many times with Rusev alone, where he appears to be gaining momentum before he’s RKO’d and pinned in 10 seconds.

It’s starting to become ridiculous at this point. I have made a huge attempt over the past couple months to stop viewing the WWE so critically and watch each week as the biggest mark alive. But stunts like this where fan favorites are being absolutely buried for no reason makes watching not nearly as enjoyable as it could be.

If Rusev was the first case of this, then it could maybe be looked past. But coming off of a year where it happened almost every month, I’m starting to become quite sick of it.

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Maybe I’m being too critical. Maybe what happened to Rusev Day this past week was miniscule and it will all pay off in the big picture. I really hope that’s the case. I hope good things come to Rusev and English in 2018. They have found something that the WWE Universe loves, and they can ride this wave for a long time. I’m just a little afraid that we may never see the full payoff of RUSEV DAY!!!



By: Patrick Gallagher

Twitter: @RealPatrickG


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