What Are We To Think Of Jason Jordan?



Ever since WWE informed us all that Jason Jordan was the son of WWE Hall of Famer and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle during the summer of 2017, it’s been mostly questions surrounding this odd storyline decision. Along with these questions came much frustration from the WWE Universe, especially with how Jordan’s push was shaping out. But now that we have a few months under our belts with this angle (no pun intended), the Jason Jordan character is finally starting to form, or so we thought.

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Although I was one of the many that rolled their eyes every time Jordan’s music hit, in recent weeks, Jason Jordan has been the focal point of one of the more interesting stories taking place on Monday Night Raw. I’m excited that he’s starting to be pushed as a whiney heel instead of an awkward baby face, though sudden shifts like this beg the question “was this Vince’s plan the whole time?”.


However, even when it seemed clear that Jordan was going to be an “I deserve everything” heel, it felt like creative was once again back tracking when Jordan went over clean against the heel team of ‘The Bar’ to claim the Raw Tag Team Championships with super over baby face Seth Rollins. Fans also seem confused about the whole situation as Jordan is always booed when he enters the arena, but because he’s being matched up against heel opponents, is constantly being cheered when he reigns victorious.

I was excited to see Jason Jordan go full heel, but with this constant creative back tracking, I fear this might hurt Jordan’s push in the long run. He is an incredible athlete with unbelievable in-ring talent. He deserves a big push and truly could be a fantastic singles competitor. However, I still want to talk with whoever had the idea to make him Kurt Angle’s son and see what the heck he/she was thinking.



American Alpha was already over with the crowd and this storyline totally buried that push. Not only that, but now for the rest of his career, Jason Jordan will always been known and referred to as Kurt Angle’s son even though, spoiler alert, he truly isn’t. I still think there’s hope for Jason Jordan and I really want to see him shine in the spotlight. But I believe his current constant heel/baby face swapping every week and having an anchor that is him being Angle’s “son” strapped to him will severely hold him back. The last thing I want to see, though, is some sort of ‘false birth report’ gimmick in the future. Please wrestling Gods…. don’t let that happen.


By: Patrick Gallagher

Twitter: @RealPatrickG


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