Three More Major Stars Added to WWE Raw’s 25th Anniversary Show!

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While we have no clue why WWE is ruining every single surprise appearance for the RAW 25 anniversary show, we are still excited that these 4 guys have been advertised on being there.

The “Hall of Pain” Mark Henry is announced to be there and rumors are could be announcing his retirement.

Our favorite announcer everyone loved to hate Jonathan Coachman will be there and we are hoping The Rock comes out during his appearance.

Also my personal favorite, Jeff Hardy is set to return at the Raw 25th anniversary special. We are not sure if Jeff has recovered for in-ring work yet but it will definitely be good to see him.

Mean Gene Okerlund is expected to there but not officially confirmed just yet.

The special so far is being loaded with past and present stars, it is going to be one hell of a show! Make sure to Follow me @WWERamsey and join in on the conversation when Raw 25 happens!


By. Ramsey Sidawi

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