Top 5 WWE Guys That Should Switch Brands in 2018 & More!



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Episode Topics:

Top 5 Guys That Should Switch Brands in 2018.

John Cena’s Wrestlemania Opponent ( Our Guess & Fan’s Responses).

Rusev Could Be Something Huge if They Keep Giving Him The Mic.

“Woken” Matt Hardy Not Over Yet?

Would Kenny Omega or The Young Bucks Jump To WWE in 2018?

Dean Ambrose Out For 9 Months. Could this help his career?

Jason Jordan Is Actually Becoming A Great Heel?

Early Pick’s On Who Could Win The Royal Rumble!

Finn Balor Not Being Pushed Is Becoming A Reality and Less Of Just A Storyline.

Arguably The Greatest WWE Roster We Have Ever Had Is Being Completely Underutilized.


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