Indy Wrestler/Manager Lil Noel Harlow LoGrasso Gave An Exclusive Interview!

On Competing in The Maxim Hometown Hotties & Implied Nudity (19:00 Mark):

I used to do a site,, and for some reason in the early 2000’s it was like the nudity thing was tired. They did tease photos where you were fully clothed. It was almost like fan and feather dancing. Maxim found me on that site and then sent me a bunch of paperwork to fill out. They asked for professional photos and suddenly I was on the Maxim website. I made it pretty close to the final round but I wasn’t the winner. It was cool because I had just started out in wrestling at the time so it helped me get a lot of attention.

TMZ Best Buns (22:33 Mark):

I didn’t win but I appeared on the site. I have no idea how I was nominated for that. Somebody sent a photo in they took at a wrestling show of me beating up 3 guys on the floor. I was bent over; I had a dress on but I always wore little wrestling shorts that were kinda.. up high. So I’m bent over beating up these guys, TMZ got the photos & it was put in Best Buns Contest!

On Being Banned from Wrestling in Middle School(23:19 Mark):

When I was in middle school we had a little league for girls in gym class that was called “Wrestlemania”. I was so hyped; I was going to be Randy Savage. I was 13 years old and full of myself. So we get on the mat training and this girl Karen circles up and comes at me. Instead of locking up like normal human beings would do, I grab Karen round her head, hooked her leg and perfect plexed her! So the teacher pulls me out in the hallway, all the kids are freaking out, Karen’s freaking out and the teacher says “You can’t do that, that’s not wrestling!”. So I go “are you trying to tell me Mr Perfect is not a wrestler?” She just looked at me like I think you lost your mind and told me that I’m too dangerous to wrestle so I can be a manager.

Thoughts on Her Idol Sensational Sherri (25:30Mark):

The reason why I wanted to become a wrestler was Macho King vs Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 7. Sherri was so good in that match. When she turned on Randy Savage, she was laying kicks in! I was a kid with my mouth open in front of the television and I said “I have to do it. I have to get that reaction out of people.” That feeling started with Sherrie.” I was lucky enough when I started wrestling to work with KoKo B Ware and Brutus Beefcake. The Promoter pulled them aside and said “She’s our Sherri Martel. If you want to do any Sherri Spots she’ll do it.” And we did. I took my boot off, I tried to hit them and missed and hit my partner. Eventually KoKo B Ware got me, spanked me in the middle of the ring and the crowd went insane. It was a great feeling and a great day! I got my Sherri Moment!

Difference Between a Manager and a Valet (27:18 Mark):

A Valet is basically the 5th ring post. A lot of times they’re somebody’s girlfriend. They walk the guys to the ring, they don’t have much interaction, don’t cut a promo. Basically they’re just window dressing.

On Her Husband Big Vito being in Playgirl Magazine (28:25 Mark):

He did that before I even started dating him when he was with WWE. When we first started dating it was one of our first conversations. So he says “I did Playgirl” and I go “Well.. Did you show your bird?” He said it was very tasteful. So one day I show up at his house and he showed me and it was tasteful. He’s a very handsome man and that’s why I keep him around.

On Recovering from a Life Threatening Stroke (32:30Mark):

After I had a stroke in February I could hardly talk, I couldn’t see. I had weakness in my arms, I couldn’t recognize my kids or anyone but I knew Vito. I was pretty bad up until August, which they tell you the first 6 months are bad. They were. I lost a lot of my eyesight and the state took my drivers license, but I have to be able to work around that. The doctors told Vito she needs to use her brain so that’s why we have the project.

On The Big Vito Brand Youtube Project & Message for The Fans (34:17Mark):

We just decided people can have a successful life when they walk away from wrestling. Eventhough we do werstling podcasts and stuff like that but we also go on trips and do restaurant reviews. Thursdays we do a Youtube stream where we talk about life and being married. No Wrestling. The whole project is about life after wrestling. I still love everybody and I still think about all of the people I used to see. I thank everybody for their continued support and supporting Me and Vito during this difficult time. We’re getting better and I thank everyone for everything. I really do!

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