Finn Bálor: Then, Now, fOrVER

As Michael Cole likes to remind us every week, Finn Bálor was the first ever Universal Champion, an accolade that seems pretty moot nowadays. Bálor came to the WWE from New Japan Pro Wrestling back in September of 2014, and up until his shoulder injury last summer, he seemed to be one of the most promising, talented superstars the WWE had seen in a long time. He is the longest reigning NXT Champion at 293 days, he beat Roman Reigns during his debut match on Raw, and would go on to become, as mentioned before, the first ever Universal Champion during last year’s Summer Slam event. So this all begs the question, what happened to Bálor?


According to Dave Meltzer, on an episode of “Wrestling Observer Radio”, the original plans for the upcoming Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View in Philadelphia this January was for Bálor to go one-on-one with current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. However, Meltzer would add that those plans have been scrapped due to Vince McMahon believing that Finn is “over” enough with the crowd. This would lead to Bálor having a little fun on his twitter account, sneaking words that hold the letters spelling “OVER”, which he would highlight in capital letters.


If Vince McMahon truly believes that Finn Bálor is not over with the crowd, all he has to do is watch one of his entrances. Every week, fans throw their hands high in the air along with Finn in a similar scene to the ‘YES Chant’. There is always a crowd ‘pop’ when his music hits and when the bell rings with his arm being raised. Yet for some reason, we have had to watch Bálor’s talent be wasted in meaningless feuds since his return this past April during the Raw after WrestleMania.



There’s truly no way of knowing how things are going to play out for Finn Bálor in the future, which saddens me. Especially on a brand where the biggest title is being held and fought for by unconquerable giants, it seems very unlikely that Finn will hold any success by staying on Monday nights. “The Demon King” persona is one of the most unique gimmicks in all of professional wrestling. It’s awful to think that talent like Bálor will end up going nowhere because management thinks he isn’t proper main event material. Talk about a Daniel Bryan 2.0! Fans need to express their love for Finn if they want to see anything happen. If not, then expect more pointless matches against the “Miztourage”.



By: Patrick Gallagher
Twitter: @RealPatrickG


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