Update: Neville Walks Out Before Match at Monday Night Raw & “Quits” WWE.

Multiple sources are reporting that Neville has walked out of WWE and maybe never coming back. It happened right before Raw which he was scheduled to have a main event match against Enzo Amore in a lumberjack match.

If you tuned in recently you would have seen a major re-write in the script for Enzo after Nevile “walked out”. We saw Enzo Amore defending his Crusierweight title against Kalisto. This match would have Kalisto go over and we now have a New Champion for 205 Live.

The original plan was to have Neville battle Enzo in a Lumberjack match which would have reportedly been for the Cruiserweight title. Speculation is that Neville would lose again and then Enzo would be moving on to Kalisto. The original plans were for them to have the match at TLC but creative had to scramble around and move the match to RAW.

This is thought to be why Neville walked out. The fact that creative was going to have him lose to enzo again and have him move on to another opponent.

The main point we want to drive is all the sources that are talking about Neville walking out or that he “quit”, still remains to be seen. WWE has not commented on this yet and what is even more puzzling you think Neville himself would have said something by now on twitter or on his social media. The fact that he has not said a word with all this going around makes us believe something is definitely going on.

Could this be a well thought out story-line that is getting us all going or a personal judgment call that Neville had to make about the future of his career. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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