Triple H Confirms He Will Wrestle Again and He Says It Could Be The Rock!


Paul “Triple H” Levesque recently was apart of a live Facebook Q&A while in India. Above is the full video and below are some highlights.


If he ever plans to wrestle again:

“Yes, but you have to watch to see. Eventually, I will get back in the ring. Somebody always calls me out.”

On possibly facing off against The Rock in a match at WrestleMania:

“About two years ago, he and I did a backstage promo with each other where we talked about WrestleMania and the competitive nature of that and it lit the internet about the possibility of it. It’s something we’ve discussed. It’s just making schedules work. He’s pretty busy – me too – so it’s making schedules work. But look, right place, right time, I’ll dance one more time with ‘The Great One’, Rock.”

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