Official News On Why Neville Is Pissed and “Walked Out” of WWE.


We finally find out why Neville “walked out” of WWE. According to a recent article that Sports Illustrated posted up on online, we learned that he has been unhappy for quite a while.

According to Sports Illustrated, Neville has been “miserable” dating back to January 2017. It is said he was very bothered by his match against Austin Aries (who also walked out of WWE) at Wrestlemania 33. If you are a fan of either of them like me then you can recall that the match they were suppose to have on the main card ended up getting moved to the kick off show.

Then like we wrote earlier this year when the Wrestlemania DVD and Blu-Ray came out the match was not even on the included on the set. Which would mean they would get absolutely no Royalties or recognizing for competing at Wrestlemania (which was actually a pretty good match).


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While we still can not say for certain that he is gone because WWE has still not released any statement yet. We would have to assume something is going on behind the scenes. You do not go this long with one of your Main stars of 205 Live without saying a word to the public unless there was a good reason. With Nia Jax’s recent “Walk out” they are probably waiting to announce the full story.

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You can read the full article from Sports Illustrated on Neville Here.

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