Alexa Bliss On Anorexia Issues, Earning Respect In WWE Locker Room & More.


RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss recently spoke with The New York Post for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On her past issues with anorexia:

“Oh gosh, I was a completely different person. It controls you and it consumes you in so many different ways. I remember my mom sitting me down and telling me I was in the hospital and she was like, ‘You are probably going to die from this’ because the doctors were telling her 1 in 4 people die from it and I was going to be that one because my body wasn’t responding. My heart wasn’t responding. Everything was just going downhill and I didn’t see it. Your brain doesn’t see it. I remember being in the hospital and not knowing why. That is why I try to be so open about it because people going through it, it consumes them and you tell them it doesn’t have to. You can move past your eating disorder and not let it have control over your life anymore.”

On why everyone can connect with her:

“Absolutely, I take inspiration from people who were not nice to me in high school (laughs), try to focus that. I feel like that is something everyone can relate too, even if you were that girl. People knew who that was and how to relate to it.”

On if she has the respect of the WWE locker room:

“Oh god, I don’t know if I still have it now. It’s one thing coming in, not being a part of the indies stuff like that and doing well. It’s another to now be part of the indies and be champ. It’s an ongoing thing, but the girls that I work with now are amazing. When I came up to SmackDown I was super nervous. I never really worked with these girls before. I have to say, the group of women I was drafted with to “SmackDown Live” were the most welcoming and most amazing women I’ve ever worked with.”

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