WWE Concussion Lawsuit, Billy Corgan Purchasing Impact Wrestling.. Again & More!

On The Latest Edition of The Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast, The Duke and his Cohost The Boston Bad Boy sounded off on the latest developments of the WWE Concussion Lawsuit:

The Duke On The Judge Calling For A Settlement:
“A Judge has told both Lawyers for The WWE and Lawyers representing the Class Action Side to figure it out. Come to some kind of settlement. Basically don’t make me rule on this.”Boston Bad Boy On
WWEConcussionLawsuitNews Website:
“Just a few days ago an update was put on this website WWEConcussionLawsuitNews.Com and nobody wants to talk about it. I don’t know if people are afraid of Vince McMahon or whatever. But the update is money from the  WWE allegedly helped fund {the JAMA CTE Study} that found something like 99% of Football Players Test Positive for CTE. And WWE are the ones trying to get a judge to dismiss the Class Action Lawsuit concerning Concussions/CTE and Wrestlers?”

The Duke On His Vince McMahon Hope:
” I would hope Vince McMahon, now armed with the JAMA CTE Study results, would do right by the boys and would not be doing anything to further harm them. I would HOPE he would do the right thing.

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