WWE Sending Enzo Back to NXT?

Update Aug 23, 2017: Looks like we may have been right about Enzo’s friction backstage. Read our recent article here.


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According to Dave Meltzer (F4WOnline.com), there is serious talk about having Enzo Amore move to the cruiserweight division for 205 Live and make his home base NXT.

One of the reasons for this is that 205 Live is not getting the attention or fan reaction it should and they may use Enzo to help build new talent and create a new buzz. He would basically jump back and forth from 205 Live to NXT. Instead of 205 Live to Raw.

There is also talks on making Enzo the top dog at NXT and maybe putting the NXT title on him, which I think if they are going to hold him back a bit to help the other brands then he should get that title opportunity. The bad part is this is exactly one of the reasons Austin Aries asked for his WWE release. He was being held down to 205 Live to help build it the young roster and it did nothing for his career.

We also have to say that it has been reported before by us that Vince McMahon is not very fond of Enzo Amore and this could all just be a plan to hold him down until he decides to leave on his own.

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