Watch Becky Lynch Talk On Ronda Rousey Possibly Coming To WWE & More!



“The Lass Kicker” Becky Lynch recently spoke with Al Arabiya English and touched on some major topics from her career to Ronda Rousey coming to the WWE..

“It’s actually even better now because I’m more comfortable,” said Lynch. “Not in a bad way, I’m just more comfortable in the ring and I’m more confident with my audience and I know more.

“So before you’re so on edge and you’re so nervous and hoping everything goes right and you don’t mess up, that you don’t get to relax and enjoy it. Now there’s that ability that you know these ropes, you know this ring, you know this surface, you know this crowd. You can interpret what they’re responding to better. With that there’s the ability to go further and achieve more, and bust through more glass ceilings.”

Watch the video above for the full interview.


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