Vince McMahon Clipping Roman Reigns Wings, Ric Flair Update & More.


Combat Sports Journalist & Promoter Sean Reed of Pugilism.Co.Com joined the Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast to talk Mayweather vs McGregor, CM Punk’s UFC Debut, is Vince McMahon clipping the wings of Roman Reigns, why did Booker T miss RAW on Monday, the latest on Sexy Star Shooting on Rosemary in AAA, update on Nature Boy Ric Flair & More. Highlights Below:

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On McGregor Claiming The Fight Was Stopped Too Soon:
“If you watch the replay when the ref initially stopped the fight, you didn’t see a complaint from Conor at all. Usually in that situation if a guy really still wants to fight and is able to fight, as soon as that ref steps in he’s going to say “hey I still want to fight.” Conor didn’t do that.”

On Mayweather Breaking Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 Record:
“Rocky Marciano didn’t have any luxury fights like this; he didn’t have any layups. So if I’m his family I’m kinda ticked off Floyd broke his record with an opponent as such.”

Should Mayweather Retire:
“I’ve never seen Floyd miss wildly as much as he did. He needs to definitely retire. Just like I said Conor can’t beat any Champion at 147, 154 or 160(Weight Classes), neither would Floyd at this point!”

On CM Punk’s UFC Fighting Debut:

“That fight was a joke. I believe he didn’t even land a single punch. He was out-landed 18 to 0. If a big guy runs up on you, you’ll land one of those fearful punches. At least 1. Punk didn’t even land one of those!”

On Jon Bones Jones
“His greatest gift, to me, is F’ing up. He’s a World-Class F Up. There’s no other way to put it!”

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