Mark Haggerty Talks on Leaving Ryback’s Podcast, Drugs In Pro Wrestling & More!

Indie Wrestling Ring Announcer Mark Adam Haggerty was a guest on the Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast:


On heat for leaving his position as Producer of Ryback’s Podcast
“He gives me this look and goes “You really didn’t want to tell me that man!” And then for the next hour between every fan coming and going he’d look at me and go to his handler “Can you believe they let anyone into this business these days.” Just constant shade thrown in my direction over and over. I felt bad enough about the situation you don’t have to make me feel worse in person dude!”

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On if Medical Marijuana should be used as an alternative to Prescription Drugs for Pro Wrestlers:
“Yea 100 Percent! I’m not going to say everyone smokes weed, but the vast majority of people I come across are at least open to it in the wrestling world and if they’re not they’re at least easily influenced.”

On the Grim from Grim’s Toy Show being jumped by Araon Bradley & Brandon Kirk
“These guys are rightfully blacklisted right now. Every Promoter that I know like the guys from Tier 1, who were looking at Aaron Bradley, to the guys at Battle Club and Beyond; nobody will be bringing these guys in.”


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