ECW Legend Big Vito LoGrasso Talks Wearing a Dress in WWE, Help From Paul Heyman & More!

ECW Legend Big Vito LoGrasso Was a Guest On The Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast This Week:

Highlights below:

On Paul Heyman Helping him make the Decison to Leave ECW for WCW
“I said Paul I got an offer from WCW but I want to stay here I don’t want to go. He said you’ve been wrestling a long time, this is your chance ya know. You have my blessing; You gotta go!”

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On wearing a Dressing, Getting over & WWE Push Being Cut Short:
“Stephanie and Vince asked me(To wear the Dress) and I said ok.. And then the first time I smiled on tv the people were behind me. And then I became a fan favorite; I went undefeated for 4 months. And then ya know when you make it in the business and you get a little chippy because they really didn’t expect you to get over so much? Remember when I was supposed to fight King Booker and I went undefeated for 4 months? Well; they put Undertaker in that spot. That’s politics 101! .”

On The Difference Between Young Wrestlers of the Past and Young Wrestlers of the Present
“If a veteran told you something you took it, You booked it, You learned it and You remembered it. Today young wrestlers get advice and will say “Who the hell of you? You’re a nobody you never drew a dime.” I know I never drew a dime, but you’re only here for a cup of coffee, but you didn’t even earn the cup yet!”

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