Mick Foley On Which WWE Star is “Untapped Potential”.

Mick Foley official post below on who he thinks is “Untapped Potential” in the WWE:


I really enjoyed an interview my daughter Noelle did with Becky Lynch, and for me, the charisma, humor, and yes, straight fire Becky displayed in a fun little interview was illustrative of her still untapped potential in WWE. Not that Becky hasn’t done great things already in #WWE, but I just have this gut feeling that we have yet to see the very best from the #IrishLassKicker. It’s a potential that may just be one great angle, one incredible promo, one magic moment away.

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One of Paul Heyman’s greatest attributes in #ECW  was having the knack of giving the talent just enough guidance, instilling just enough confidence to allow talent to find something more within themselves than they’d previously produced or possibly even felt possible. I saw it in Steve Austin, when Paul tapped into the frustration and anger felt – and within weeks, Steve went from a good, solid mic man to being one of the best promos in the business. I saw it in the way he helped transform Taz from a silent, one dimensional performer into one of the most intriguing characters in the business. Certainly, the guidance Paul lent me helped me find a voice that produced some of the best work of my career.

If Becky Lynch can find her personal Paul E – someone behind the scenes at WWE SmackDown Live who can wind her up…and let her go, I think Ms Lynch is capable of taking her game to a level she herself might not think possible.

Let me know what you think of Becky and what you’d like to see in her future. Give it a share too – it’s such a Badlass photo!

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