Charlotte Nude Leak, Breakout star of 2017 so far, NJPW/WWE Debate, Hall of Fame MAJOR Problem & MORE!

Below is episode 32 of our Sunday Wrestling Show Rumbling Reality. You can listen now through Itunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Google Play Music or Tune-in Radio.

Main Topics on the episode below:
*Who is the breakout star of 2017?
*Enzo Amore needs to tone down being so comical.
*Charlotte nude leak and why fans should not want this stuff to keep happening.
*Lesnar vs. Goldberg…on the mic, who is better?
*Scott Steiner brings up old rumors of Macho Man and Stephanie McMahon past relationship.
*Vickie Guerrero returning to the WWE?
*Shinsuke Nakamura the new face of SMACKDOWN but is it not already AJ Styles house?
*What makes a true heel these days?
*Japanese/WWE wrestling scene and what is acceptable compared to the other.
*Cody Rhodes success overseas continues.
*Who is the “Babe Ruth” of wrestling.

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