Kurt Angle on How Drug’s Kept Him Away From Returning to WWE.


While everyone seemed to wonder why Kurt Angle never made a comeback to WWE or return way earlier in his wrestling career, Angle knew exactly why he could never come back and why WWE did not want him back.

In a interview with the New York Post, Angle said:

“They didn’t want me. And I understood why. You know, when you screw up so many times, your reputation is destroyed. It doesn’t matter how good you are or how much the fans want you back. If you’re a publicly traded company, you’re looking at Kurt Angle and saying, ‘Okay, he’s been in a lot trouble with drugs. He’s had four DUI’s. He’s out of control. We haven’t had him in for eleven years. Is he really worth it? Will it have a negative effect on the business? Will he be a liability?’ So I understood.”

Kurt Angle actually has a dedicated app that just came out to help people with drug addictions. We actually wrote an article in which he replied to us on social media regarding it. You can read more about the app and how to get it here.

We hope after he is inducted into the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame that Kurt Angle does at least a small run with the company. It would be amazing to see him square off with some popular WWE Superstars. We have some official dates he will be back but we do not want to spoil them. If you want to see them you can read that here.


Read the full New York Post interview here.

Kurt Angle on How Drug's Kept Him Away From Returning to WWE.
Article Name
Kurt Angle on How Drug's Kept Him Away From Returning to WWE.
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