Broken Matt Hardy & Brother Nero Wallpapers!

This week we have some updated backgrounds of TNA Superstars and hopefully soon to be returning WWE Superstars, Broken Matt Hardy & Brother Nero. If you use to love Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy back in the day, please look up some of their current stuff they have been doing. My favorite wrestler growing up was Jeff Hardy but Matt hardy’s new persona definitely has me ready to delete any past favorite I use to have.

Majority of the backgrounds below are for standard tablet dimensions for an exact HD fit but it will also fit the majority of phones as well when minimized. Just click on the picture save it as wallpaper…hope we do not even have to explain that by now. Do not forget to subscribe if you want to stay updated with new wrestling wallpapers, news and articles.

Each Wallpaper of the Hardys are placed individually on each page to give the highest resolution when you save it as a wallpaper, that and so the pages load faster, enjoy!



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