Everyone is Next: Could Goldberg Really Win The 2017 Royal Rumble & More?

It has been quite sometime since I really wanted to write in depth on a topic but I thought the Goldberg Rumble/Title run was worth my time. It almost feels like some kind of testimonial ad but I have to say I am in no way bias against Goldberg and just want to write what I feel..like I usually do. While there is just to many bases to cover with this topic I am just going to stick to if Goldberg should be given the chance to win the Rumble and headline Wrestle-mania for the WWE Universal title.

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 First off lets start with how excited I am they are not just throwing Goldberg away, at the beginning of Goldberg’s return I honestly thought they were going to have Brock Lesnar destroy him so that Lesnar would look that much better heading towards Wrestlemania. I said earlier I am not bias for or against Goldberg, I just hate when WWE gets a hold of another companies star and destroys there legacy. I could go on and on regarding this topic, esp how weak Goldberg looked in past WWE runs.

I am going to say it..he should go all the way. Win the Royal Rumble, get a chance at the title and then become the new WWE Universal Champion. Honestly, Goldberg really deserves it and it would only help solidify his legacy at being a dominant WCW Superstar. He has had multiple runs in the past in WWE and none of them standout to me whatsoever. It would be nice if the “new generation” got a tiny glimpse of how Goldberg use to dominate.

In WCW he was literally a “Stone cold” or “Rock” for them, he was that popular and really carried the company at one point. I know nothing is really owed to him from Vince McMahon, but it would be a great gesture towards people who truly love wrestling and who followed WCW to let him have one last great run. I am not saying he is amazing on the mic or is not a little rusty in the ring but he definitely still has the presence factor and can still put on a great show.



The one thing I do not want to see is him holding on title for a long time. I want to see him get it and maybe run for a few months and then be inducted in the WWE HOF. There is such an abundance of new and up-incoming stars that I rather see them feud over the new title. I just want Goldberg to get that one last great title run and not let WWE mess around with him like they did when they finally brought STING.  I know our writer Travis would love to talk on that topic because he is a hardcore STING Fan.

Whatever happens come Royal Rumble, I hope Goldberg gets a good run in that ring that night.

Ramsey Sidawi

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