WWE Battleground 2016 Predictions

This weekend marks the first Pay-Per-View since the brand extension on the recently revamped Smackdown live show last Tuesday. We have brands battling for championships, potential final battles and building momentum for Summerslam next month. Here is the card and how I think each match will play out…
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Sasha Banks and Partner TBC vs Charlotte and Dana Brooke
Who will side with Banks as she makes her return against the Women’s champion and Dana Brooke? I’m predicting Paige to side with Banks as she has previous history with the Women’s champion and this creates a secondary feud as all four women have been drafted to Raw. I predict Sasha pinning Charlotte to set up their Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam.
Winner:Sasha Banks & Partner
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The New Day vs The Wyatt Family
Even with Xavier Woods playing the fearful role during this entire feud, I really can’t see any way that The New Day will lose this one. The Wyatt family have been broken up as a result of the draft and with multiple tag teams being drafted to Monday Night Raw, The New Day need to look strong heading into Summerslam.
Winner:The New Day
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Rusev vs Zack Ryder (U.S.Title Match)
The first of three championship battles sees the Bulgarian brute take on the Long Island Bro-Ski. A win by Ryder would bring the US title to Smackdown and balance the championships to three a piece once the Cruiserweight title returns to Raw. However, a loss here would make Rusev look weak again after building his momentum up once again. Ideally, Rusev wins and will battle Finn Balor for the title in August.
The Miz vs Darren Young (Intercontinental Title Match)
This is one match that could really go either way. We have seen Darren Young win the battle royal by default and I feel that shenanigans involving Maryse and Bob Backlund could cause an upset win. But a win here would mean another title going to Raw and give Smackdown even more headaches in the long term. However, a win by The Miz will destroy all momentum gathered by Darren Young over the past few weeks and make the Bob Backlund involvement pointless. If I had to choose I would say The Miz retains here.
Winner:The Miz
John Cena Enzo and Cass vs The Club
One of the biggest points of the draft was that Cena and Styles are going to Smackdown while Enzo and Cass join Gallows and Anderson on Raw. I see Big Cass delivering the knockout blow to AJ Styles but John Cena getting the pin. This way each man has had a pinfall victory with outside help and we get a true one-on-one final match at Summerslam.
Winner:John Cena Enzo and Cass
Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens
This feud seems to be going on forever but if it isn’t broke then why try to fix it? Some of the best matches of 2016 have featured these two and no matter what the result we are in for a hell of a fight. Zayn has not won a big match for so long this victory feels like it’s long overdue and gives him some much needed momentum.
Winner:Sami Zayn

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Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose (WWE Championship Match)
The first major battle for brand supremacy. Whoever wins this brings the biggest prize in sports entertainment to their respective show. Let me start off by saying this, Roman Reigns should not win this. What message does it send that someone who get’s suspended has no punishment and climbs back to the top of the roster so easily. I love Ambrose as champion, but it’s time to put the belt back on Raw’s number one over pick Seth Rollins. Since returning to WWE from his knee injury no one on the main roster has been better. 
Winner:Seth Rollins
This is certainly one of the most unpredictable Pay-Per-Views in recent memory. The lines have been drawn. The stage is set. It’s time for a Battleground to take place!

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