The Resurgence of Dolph Ziggler: Nuclear Heat

This past Tuesday the new era kicked off for SmackDown Live. With Shane McMahon as the commissoner and Daniel Bryan as the general manager. The blue brand decided to go in a different direction than
Raw by having a six pack challenge to determine who will face DeanAmbrose for his WWE Championship at SummerSlam. In the end it came down to Dolph Ziggler pinning AJ Styles to become the number contender for the title.


  Now, keep in mind for awhile it looked as if Ziggler was being used only to put over Baron Corbin. In the new era he’s is

now in lined for a title shot. So my question Is do you think WWE is
trying to salvage “The Show-Off’s” career in four weeks by defeating
Ambrose to win the championship at SummerSlam?

  Ziggler is not only a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but his
push to the top of the mountain is long overdue. Let’s rewind back to
November of 2014, during The Authority vs. John Cena storyline it looked as if Ziggler was in position of a long babyface run as the top guy. He was featured in majority of the main event storylines and even
got the final pin fall to remove Triple H and Stephanie McMahon from power at the Survivor Series pay-per-view. Only to begin in a feud with Luke Harper, get fired by the McMahon’s, and be eliminated at the
Royal Rumble in less than five minutes by The Big Show.

 With that being said, I love watching Ziggler perform. He’s a phenomenal

wrestler, the guy will bust his ass no matter what match he’s in to
give the fans an awesome experience. I think this is a great move, I
would actually love for him to win the title by turning heel.



  Ziggler is at his best when he play’s the role of a charismatic smart ass that knows he’s better than everyone in the room. Let him channel those inner emotions by becoming the champion we all would love to
hate. SmackDown Live needs big time heels, with John Cena & possibly
Randy Orton having part time schedules it will be up to guy’s like Ziggler, Styles, Wyatt, & Ambrose to carry the load of the show.

The fans of the blue brand already have their top face in Ambrose, so
making Ziggler into a 2016 version of Shawn Michaels wouldn’t hurt his
career at all. He already dresses like HBK, so why not make the
transition complete.

So now I want to hear from you. Will Dolph Ziggler become the next WWE Champion at SummerSlam? If so, will he win as a face or heel? Make
sure you leave a comment below or on my Twitter page down below as well. Please continue to share my articles all over the Internet. I’ll see you guy’s next week on another edition of Nuclear Heat.


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