Superstars We Would Have Loved To See In The WWE Draft.

Well being a life long wrestling fan I have always enjoyed the WWE Draft and always dreamed about certain wrestlers finally crossing over or making a jump to my favorite brand. A lot of the wrestlers below have passed away, use to be in the WWE, fallen out of the spotlight or are still wrestling at smaller companies. I created a fantasy draft of some of the wrestlers I would have loved to see at there peak come to the WWE. I also included a couple funny ones that would be interesting to see them in the WWE.

Drafted To Raw:

WWE Superstar Showdown Boardgame

Every Number #1 WWE Draft pick: Watch Now!

WWE TeenyMates Figure Pack

Drafted to Smackdown:

WWE Replica Slammy Award

WWE Mock Draft 2016! Where is Your favorite WWE Superstar Going?

Raw 100 - The Top 100 Moments in Raw History Blu-ray DVD

Let us know if you agree, disagree or if we missed anyone you think we should have included!

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By Ramsey S.

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