Roman Reigns Dethroned & Suspended.

Just two days after being dethroned as the WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns has been suspended by the company. On a statement on said that Reigns, real name Joe Anoa`i, has been suspended from in-ring action effective immediately for 30 days.
The suspension has been decided as it is Reigns first violation of the companies wellness policy.  For a guy whose been scrutinized for at least two years now, everyone will now question as to why even fathom such a thing. Reigns has much of a LeBron James feel to him in that he really didn’t do anything to deserve the hatred he received from fans. 
He in fact was doing what I presume Vince McMahon was telling him to do. The “you can’t wrestle” chants were erroneous from the beginning, but were the biggest insults fans could produce to attempt to get the WWE higher ups to change their mind on making him “The Guy”.
I’ve always said Roman may have been the right guy but at the wrong place and time. I’m not sure he will ever outlive the shadow of Daniel Bryan. The love and admiration fans had for Daniel Bryan might be unparalleled. He was different, he was smaller, an underdog, and incredibly likable. Roman wasn’t any of those thing — he was basically the WWE prototype that fans have grown tiresome of.
So now where does that leave us with the former WWE champion? He’s never been fully liked in he first place, and, according to Dave Meltzer, he wasn’t drawing great numbers at live events. The A shows, which Reigns was on, drew just as much as the B shows, which he was not on. In a surprising move, could this be what Roman has needed all along? 
Surely, he will be booed louder than ever when he returns, right? Even with the timetable working out for him to return to have the triple threat match with Ambrose and Rollins at Battleground, I’m guessing we already know whose taking that pinfall now. But also, does this downplay the match somewhat? 
A match we’ve looked forward to since they entered the main roster now is smudged by a Roman Reigns mishap? The talk won’t be as much about the first time the Shield is facing each other in a triple threat match, and for the WWE title no less, it will be shrouded by Reigns wellness violation. Honestly, I’m not sure where Reigns will go after this. 
WWE has been so behind him and hell-bent on him getting over and being their next money maker that they haven’t budged from their plan. But what does that say for everyone else who has gotten suspended for instances such this or less — like tugging at Mr. McMahon’s arm? 
If Reigns is placed right back in the fold of the main event scene, even champion, I’m not sure it would shock anybody. But I don’t remember Rob Van Dam getting the same treatment after his marijuana violation back in 2006. WWE might even use this to make him a full-fledged heel, which would be wise. But one has to wonder if their will be humility given. 
What makes WWE so interesting is they can take real life stories and spin them in the scripted world. They can take this situation and humble him by burying him if they chose, but they can also make a story out of the whole thing as well, whether that be keeping him face or making him a heel.

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By Sherron W.

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