Top WWE Moments May/June 2015. Turnbuckle Thursdays

Back by popular demand, even though I’m on vacation in Disney World I still wanted to make time to deliver you my top WWE moment’s in the month of May.
Top 3 Lines :

3. Rusev
“You and your feelings, you are disgusting, you are pathetic”
This is what you call a brute. Telling your enemy that you are going to crush his soul is something, insulting the closest person to you for actually caring for you is another. Their is no instance where Rusev looked inhumane as much as he did in this one. By the looks of it, The Bulgarian Brute is benefiting from his program with Lana 10 times more than he benefited from his 4-month feud with Cena.
2. Dean Ambrose

“The world needs someone like Dean Ambrose to make sure someone like Seth Rollins doesn’t get too comfortable”
Exactly Dean, That’s why an Ambrose-Rollins feud will always be great. You have the always-protected king targeting whom will get you in a lot of trouble, and the rebel who doesn’t care at all and will take every chance to dethrone him. You have the calculated person who will plan and make all the precautions in order to not get hurt, and the person who will take a random step which make all these precautions useless. In short, Ambrose and Rollins are polar opposites and polar opposites always work.

1. Kevin Owens
“So you don’t get to give me advice ever, you understand me?”
Owens said that after telling Cena that he has been in the business longer than Cena has. First of all, this was a heel standing up to John Cena in his first WWE appearance. Furthermore, this was a heel standing up to John Cena in his first WWE appearance with a valid indisputable fact. Another point is, WWE always treats indy wrestlers’ history as either non-existent, or insignificant, so this was quite the big deal. This was the first of a sequence of shocking events the last of which we are probably yet to see.
Top 3 Promos :

3. Bray Wyatt Tells a Little Secret – RAW

Wyatt promos are always criticized for being puzzles which can’t be solved. This surely was not the case this time around. While keeping his poetic words in place, Bray managed to connect his feud with the real world and its problems of all scales. And because kids may not be able to understand things like global warming and world wars, The New Face of Fear told them a little secret they can understand : The bad guy sometimes wins, and he did just that.

2. Dean Ambrose – Elimination Chamber

This promo did a better job of selling the feud and the match than anything WWE did prior to it, and the build-up to this match wasn’t bad. With the aid of his world-class mic skills, Ambrose squeezed the events of nearly two years in the space of few minutes. This was unique and strong. The high production value of the video package added even more to an already excellent promo.

1. Rusev Wants Lana Back – RAW

I know it might be a little cheat to put this in the promos category, but if you look closely, Lana was only in the background and didn’t say anything until Rusev finished talking. So, it is mostly a one person promo. With that said, this was a masterpiece. Rusev played 2-3 personalities in a single segment, and he played them all excellently. First, he was the sad and regretting person who doesn’t want to lose the closest person to him for one ‘simple’ mistake. Then, he turned to the passionate lover. Finally, he went back to be his true self : a brute. This shows how much Rusev has improved since his debut where he was paired with Lana to cover the deficiency in his mic-skills. The only talent in WWE who rivals him in that point is the WWE champion himself, Seth Rollins. That’s why they deserve everything they were given.

Top 3 Matches :

3. New Day vs Kidd & Cesaro – Payback
Have Elimination chamber took place one night later, a tag team match would top this list for another month. This was the best tag team match of the year, and we are 5 months into 2015. It had everything it should’ve had and then some. The pace was high, the action never stopped, the chemistry was shining and we also got a few of our beloved cool spots. With the reunion of Harper and Rowan and the promotion of the Lucha Dragons. the future of the division seems to be bright.

2. Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose – Elimination Chamber

Spoiler : you will see their ladder match in next month’s edition, that will happen everytime these two collide. Many would choose their Raw match over their EC match for this spot, but I won’t. The Raw match felf better because nobody was ringside and, more importantly, because of the crowd. If you look closely, the two matches were roughly on level in nearly every aspect. The only advantage the first one has is the higher pace but you shouldn’t forget that their PPV match lasted double the amount of time. Despite the crowd not reacting to it properly, this was a top-class match and a match of the year candidate for sure.
1. John Cena vs Kevin Owens – Elimination Chamber

You could see this from miles away. This was probably the most talked-about match both before and after it took place since Wrestlemania, and there is a reason for that. Not only was this match a great display of wrestling skills, especially for Owens who had his best WWE in-ring performance by far, but it also had a big match feeling to it thanks to the build, the hype and to both wrestlers giving it their all. The outcome of the match added to its value too; many people may have expected Owens to win, but very few expected him to win clean. This was an all-out fight, and when the fight was over, a star was born.
Top 3 Superstars/Teams :

3. Kevin Owens

This choice doesn’t need a lot of explanation, but I’ll do it anyway. Just in case you could forget, Owens won the NXT title two months into his debut. Three months later, he had an arguably greater achievement. He made a surprise appearance at Raw which ended with Cena laying in the middle of the ring and Owens raising the NXT title and stomping on the US title. The real highlight of Kevin’s month, and career, came in the last day of the month.
In his main roster debut, he pinned Cena after a show-stealer and a match of the year candidate. An ‘indy darling’ beat the face of the company for the last decade clean in his first match in the company, let that sink in. In these two weeks, Owens turned into the hottest thing in the wrestling world looking good in every aspect of the game.

2. Seth Rollins

The Champ continued to perfect his slimy cocky heel in every sense of the word. Day by day, Rollins’ non-wrestling skills become better and better, especially when it comes to interacting with fans. As for his wrestling skills, they don’t really need to improve. Rollins is one of the best in-ring performers in WWE, and in Bryan absence, he is probably the best. His wrestling highlights were surely his two matches against Ambrose. All in all, The Architect continued to set on the top of the food chain and proving that he deserves that.

1. Dean Ambrose

Before May, Ambrose was having meaningless feuds losing all of them except for the most random of them against Luke Harper. After May, Ambrose is the biggest threat for Rollins’ title since the latter won it at Wreslemania, he actually has it in possession. The fans were firmly behind him throughout the process; the shocking pinfall he had over Rollins on May 4th to get a chance on the title got a huge pop, the even more shocking pinfall he had over Rollins to win the title (even if for mere minutes) got a huge pop too.
This was another period of Bryan absence where Dean is by far the most loved superstar on the roster. Throughout the month, Ambrose had two top-class matches against his nemesis among other excellent matches against the likes of Sheamus and Wyatt. If anybody was doubting that Ambrose belongs in the main event picture, these doubt’s should be gone after the brilliant month he had.
So those were my top moment’s for the month of may. If you agree or disagree with my choices or if I missed anything, please leave your comments in the comment section below. I can’t wait to be back on Rumbling Reality this Sunday as me and the guys give you our Money in the Bank predictions.

By Sherron Watson

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