Money in the Bank was Unpredictable.

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Money in the Bank was unpredictable for the most part, highly entertaining, and continued the streak of good shows that WWE has been on lately. I can honestly say that WWE took a show that seemed uninteresting and turned it in to something remarkable. 
WWE needs to address their issues with the Divas division, but it seems like everything is shaping up nicely. Another great show under their belt for 2015. Rest in peace Dusty!!!!
R-Truth def. King Barrett via Pinfall

R-Truth can still put on a show in the ring when given the opportunity to. While there was nothing that truly stood out for the match, WWE has given Truth a few decent wins this year and have successfully pulled him out of his long running jobber position he was in.

Sheamus wins MITB match

Everyone in the world knew exactly how this match was going to end, and the entire world was wrong. The Money in the Bank match not only entertained throughout with a few incredible moments, it also managed to surprise us in the end with an unpredicted victory from Sheamus. Despite Reigns not winning the match in the end, he was the highlight of the match with his brutal power bombs to a ladder and the height he gained with his over the rope dive.
Nikki Bella def. Paige

Considering the fact that the only Divas matches that have made it to television as of late involve the Bellas, I think fans have grown extremely tired of seeing them. And the scene of all of the Divas watching the match clearly showed that the entire Divas division has been written around one person.

Sure, we can argue that Nikki should be the main focus due to her being the champion, but it’s hard for me to buy that while knowing NXT has a lot of feuds between different women that have nothing to do with the title.

Fans simply tired of seeing her, the entire Divas division written around her, her inconsistent ring ability, and awful writing for the Bellas, it seems like Nikki is starting to gain go-away heat. Despite how aggressive Paige was in the match, I can’t help but feel like the entire segment was a waste of time after the finish for it.

Big Show def. Ryback Via DQ

At first it seemed like Ryback was going to squash Big Show at the beginning of the match. I think I would have preferred that over the actual finish. It would have been a huge statement from Ryback. But the match ended in a way that not only continued their feud, but successfully added The Miz to it. So we will have to wait and see how things play out in the future.
John Cena def. Kevin Owens

There was no way Kevin Owens was going to beat Cena two times in a row. The loss only set up for the eventual U.S. title match between the two while giving both a win over each other beforehand. That being said, the match itself lived up to their first meeting in the ring and reminded WWE fans of what a good feud looks like.

Cena vs Owens is one of the rare cases in which the two competitors could take on each other multiple times while still giving their matches a feeling of being a huge event. This is a classic feud that I think will eventually end with Cena coming out on top. Hands down, the match of the night.

Prime Time Players def. New Day

A great match, with a great ending for one of the most underrated tag teams in WWE. The Prime Time Players deserve their time as WWE tag team champions. 
Their feud with New Day will only improve within the next few weeks. Speaking of New Day, their promo before the match was brilliant, and helped gain the right amount of heat to compliment the PTP’s win in the end.
Seth Rollins Signed
Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose

Before the match, Triple H delivered a motivational speech so intense it literally fired me up to compete. It was a reminder of how amazing he is on the mic, and it complimented Rollins’ aggressiveness throughout the match. Rollins destroyed Ambrose with running power bombs to the railing, even hitting a devastating sit down power bomb on top of chairs and a ladder.

He worked the knee all night and delivered a vicious stomp off the top rope to Ambrose while he hung upside down. While the match was nowhere near being one sided, Rollins had the biggest moments in the match.

The ending also gave Rollins the win and made him look incredibly strong while still bringing a little controversy to how it eventually played out. A great showing from both Ambrose and Rollins.

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