Elimination Chamber 2015, The Good, The Bad & The KO.

Broadcasting live from Corpus Christi, Texas. Cole, Lawler and JBL were on the announce duties.
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Tag team Elimination Chamber match for the tag titles:
New Day (all three), Los Matadores, Lucha Dragons, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, Prime Time Players and The Ascension. 
We find out that Kane has rewarded New Day with the right for all 3 to compete.  New Day is also ‘randomly’ selected to be released from the pods last.  New Day goes over and retains the tag team titles.
I didn’t enjoy this match as much as some people did.  I found the inclusion of Torito to be stupid. 
Nattie wasn’t allowed in the chamber, but Torito was.  It made no sense to me.  Torito interfered and injected himself into the match, but pinning him would not cause the elimination of his team.  Frankly, it should have been one way or the other.  He was either in the match, or he shouldn’t have been in there at all.
Triple Threat Divas Championship Match  Nikki Bella vs. Paige vs. Naomi.

This match was garbage for the Diva Championship. I would have bet that Naomi would go over in this one, since her heel turn was booked as a big deal otherwise, why turn her? They haven’t done anything with Nikki Bella’s title reign, and Naomi holding the belt would have been much more interesting to watch (especially with Tamina at her side).
Kevin Owens vs. John Cena – Champion vs. Champion match. 

No titles on the line, which really fueled the fans’ uncertainty of the finish.  A title vs. title match would have been a given in anyone’s mind. Kevin Owens goes over after hitting the final pop-up powerbomb.  I’ll give you a moment to process that.
If this isn’t match of the year, then I hope I get to see the one that receives that honor. 
Both guys pulled out everything in their arsenal of moves and finishers.  
Neither was going to stay down, and it felt like the bout was never going to end (I never wanted it to) . This was the kind of match that made me, a hard-nosed Kevin Owens fan, feel comfortable no matter how the finish went.  It was so damned good, I felt that both guys could come out looking strong, regardless of who got the notch in the win column.  Not many matches in history have given me that kind of assurance and satisfaction.
Kevin Owens package piledriver tease, was a definite nod to his many fans who have supported him along the way.  It wasn’t lost on his fans and they appreciated it. Some people have taken issue with Cena no-selling the finish after the 3-count.  I guess he jumped up and out of the ring when it was over, but I’m not going to concern myself about it.  He and Kevin tore the roof off and I’m appreciative of their efforts.  It was just an amazing match and should have been the main event.
Bo Dallas vs. Neville.

You had to feel sorry for these guys.  There’s no way I’d ever want to follow the Owens/Cena match.
Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber match.
Sheamus vs. Ryback vs. R Truth vs. Mark Henry vs. Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler. 
Ryback goes over after hitting the Shell shock on Sheamus and wins the IC title. I wasn’t a fan of this match, maybe because I was still on a high after the Owens/Cena one.  Daniel Bryan was there to award the IC belt to Ryback.
Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose – WWE World Championship match.

Triple H banned Reigns from ringside, but J&J and Kane were allowed (of course).  The match itself was good, when it was one-on-one.  Far too much outside interference in this one, so a clean finish was virtually impossible.  Ambrose won, but the win was called a DQ, which is why the title did not change hands.  Reigns made an entrance and he and Ambrose took off with the championship belt.
There’s more to the finish, but they’ll show it 15 times on RAW tomorrow.  For my taste, it was a convoluted mess that doesn’t deserve the time required to type it all out. One thing I can take from Elimination Chamber is that Kevin Owens has “IT”, I believe he’s given this generation their big match, one that they’ll remember and refer to for a very long time.  For the Owens/Cena match alone, this PPV is a must-see. I just hate that they will have a rematch at Money In The Bank because we all know who’s winning at MITB.
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By Sherron Watson

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