WWE Top Moments of April 2015.

There were plenty of great moments in the month of April in the WWE, I had to share my favorite segments with you guys.        


Top 3 Lines :

3. Luke Harper

” You broke my concentration, I was busy thinking of all the ways I was gonna hurt Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns”
There is nothing about the line itself that sets it apart. The line makes it to this list because of its significant as the first line which shows WWE trying to build Luke
Harper’s character. Since the breakdown of the Wyatt Family, Harper was doing quite well in terms of feuds and legitimacy but no form character development was present. This was a first.
2. Dean Ambrose.

” My whole life is a mistake anyway, at least this one ends with me beating your face in”
Here is Dean Ambrose for you. His life was never perfect, so why should he try to make it so now. The only concern
he has is getting his hand on whomever he wants to hurt. Anything that fall in between him and his target is absolutely
irrelevant. Unfortunately, WWE isn’t working to back this up.
1.Seth Rollins

“I play this game of human chess better than anybody”
Here is another that perfectly reflects the person who said it. Rollins is not the biggest nor the strongest, he is only the best at playing “human chess”, and that was enough to make him the champion. It may sound a little cliche but, this line was really short sweet and to the point.
Top 3 Promos :

3. Randy Orton’s Rage in The Cage – Raw 20/4

This was the Orton fans like. He is not the smiling ultimate good guy nor the coward heel hiding behind the authority. Orton talked about all the way he was going to “inflict un-speakable pain” on Seth Rollins, and he did it convincingly.
2. Sheamus Destroys Ryder With a Mic in hand – RAW 4/20

Wasn’t it a match ? That’s exactly the thing. Reading the words of the promo, you won’t see anything magnificent. However, this promo surely deserves its place on this list. It was an excellent show of dominance in such a unique way. The Celtic Warrior toyed with poor Ryder’s body while telling the world about. Sheamus simply talked the talk and walked the walk at the very same time.
1. Bray Wyatt Tells The Story of Rowan – Smackdown 4/9

In the midst of delivering multiple promos about his mystery target which looked meaningless to everybody, Bray Wyatt had one promo with a clear meaning and goal. In that one chance, The Eater of Worlds showed how good of a talker (and actor) he is when he is not punching air. Bray showed excellent story-telling skills and a smart way of relating the most outlandish of tales with the fans, in a villain way of course. A Wyatt-Rowan feud is a no-brainier WWE seems to never think off.
Top 3 Matches:

3. Seth Rollins vs Neville – Raw 4/6

This was one of the hardest choices. This spot on the list was reserved for one of Neville’s awesome matches with the big dogs. The question was : which one ? In terms of wrestling quality, few of these matches are nearly on the same level, it’s hard to separate them. And even though this match was to me the best in that department, it was not mainly chosen for wrestling-related reasons. One of the few reasons behind the decision was that this had the unique Champion-Rookie mechanics. It also is the match were the Englishman told the world, I am shining here too.
2. Ambrose & Reigns vs Rollins & Harper – Smackdown 4/23

This episode of SmackDown featured the best weekly-show tag team match in WWE in quite some time. Each of the four gifted wrestlers brought something different to the table which made this match a lot of fun. The excellent chemistry shown in this match was something to be expected considering that three of the four participants formed The Shield who had an amazing feud with The Wyatt Family which the fourth participant was a part of. Nothing less than excellent should’ve been expected, nothing less the excellent was delivered.
1.Cesaro and Kidd vs The New Day – Exterme Rules

This match was what action-packed means. In around 9 mins, the two teams stole the show from everybody else on the card. Five talented wrestlers, excellent chemistry, high pace and unique combinations. This is what a textbook excellent tag team match is all about. The surprising title change added even more value to the match.
Top 3 Superstars/Teams :
3. Neville
Since his debut in the main roster, Neville delivered nothing but mesmerizing performances. This helped The Man that Gravity Forgot win the fans over in no time. Reaching the final stage of The King of The Ring tournament and probably feuding for the IC title in the near future, Neville is surely a star on the rise.
2. New Day
If you compare New Day as a faction to Neville performance wise, Neville will surely have the upper hand. However, the
month of April was so great for The New Day in the sense that during it, the faction went from being a total failure to a total success. In the wrestling department, they finished the month
with two great matches against former champions Cesaro and Kidd. Their heel turn worked like magic. They get one of the best heel reactions in the company. We can only be looking for more from The New Day.
1. Seth Rollins

Rollins was under unparalleled pressure coming out of ‘Mania as the champion and the chosen one (at least for that one night). He was also featured than any other superstar in the roster. What did
he do with all that on him ? Flourish. For the in-ring part, nobody can expect anything less than quality wrestling from The Architect. What stands out is the non-wrestling part.
Seth role as a champion helped him showcase how much of an all-rounded performed he has evolved to. His very good mic skills, smart interaction with both the crowd and the superstars he is working with and his knowledge of using the “little things” to make whatever he does more effective were all in display during his (so far) one month run as a champion. At this moment, Rollins has proved that he is the man.

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