Post-Mania season is in full swing! Extreme Rules 2015 Preview

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Post-Mania season is in full swing as we are on the eve of
the first post-mania PPV, Extreme Rules.
This is the PPV where WWE is supposed to go extreme. This is
where the superstars are supposed to channel their inner ECW and use any and
everything to hurt their opponent. In all actuality this is the show that is
used to wrap up any Mania feuds that are still going and use the Extreme rules
stipulation that’s not so extreme anymore.
I get why though, WWE wants to protect their wrestlers and
maximize the length of their careers and so having them destroy themselves for
a night in ridiculous spots doesn’t help the matter. This year though, WWE has
managed to put together a very solid card.
Each match on the card serves a purpose. By that I mean that
none of the matches are just thrown on the card just for the sake of being
there. This is something that WWE has steadily gotten better with in the last
You have the US and IC title matches that will see the
former champions invoke their rematches for the championship. There is the WWE
tag title match, which is happening due to new day winning a number one
contenders match, albeit in a unfair fashion. The Divas title is on the line in
an interesting Heel vs Heel match that will see Naomi face off against Nikki,
since she is the rightful #1 contender. 
The WWE title match is Rollins Vs
Orton, where Orton won a #1 contenders match also. Sheamus, Ziggler, Harper,
and Ambrose are all involved in matches that have come to fruition due to the
constant taunting and assaults of their respective rival. Each match has some
type of purpose as to why it’s happening, something every PPV should have.
Another major plus that the PPV has is that they have gotten
the stipulations right this year.
Now usually WWE adds unneeded stipulations to
matches that make no sense but this year they have managed to add logical stips
to nearly each match.
Seth Rollins has been running and hiding behind The
Authority since he left The Shield. What better way to solve that problem than
by locking him inside of a steel cage? The man inside the cage with him, Randy
Orton, has been out for blood since realizing that The Authority were pushing
Seth more than him. Now what do you do to a man who can reverse any move into
his finisher? You take it Away, which is why the RKO is banned in this match.
This makes perfect sense. 
Other matches that make great sense is the Chicago
street fight between WWE’s hardcore hitter Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper. The
two have been feuding since Harper put Ambrose through a table on the
Post-Mania Smackdown, either brawling or attacking the other each week since
the incident. 
Best way to solve that is to give them a match with no rules,
which WWE wisely did. Another good Stipulation is the Show/Reigns last man
standing match. This will be a great way to demonstrate the power and
resilience of Reigns, similar to his battle at Mania against Brock but probably
not as interesting.
There are some Stips that don’t make too much sense. The
Cena/Rusev Russian chain match just seems out of place. I could see if Cena
used a chain to beat Rusev at ‘Mania, something similar to how he beat Big Show
when he first won the title, but he didn’t. There isn’t really a reason for
this stipulation to be here aside from making it about Russia vs the US. 
Another odd stipulation is the “Kiss me arse” match between Ziggler and
Sheamus. Now I say this is odd not because it doesn’t make sense because it
does. Sheamus is the big bad bully heel who is looking to embarrass the smaller
guys on the roster, what better way than that? So it makes sense, the thing
that makes this stipulation odd is the fact that no matter who loses this match
they will lose credibility. If Sheamus loses then his heel turn is a bust and
if Ziggler loses then he becomes a joke.
Now this card is stacked with exciting matches, that is
undeniable, but I just can’t help but feel WWE dropped the ball on giving us
more unpredictability that we saw at Wrestlemania. This will cause some matches
to feel like a chore to watch since they are matches nobody wanted to see again
or they can tell who will win.

Cena/Rusev is the first match as we all know Cena isn’t
dropping that title anytime soon. Now knowing who will win isn’t always a bad
thing, there are plenty of matches on this card that common sense will spoil
for you. The problem is that we have already seen this match at nearly every
PPV in Cena’s career.
He will play the face in peril before overcoming the
odds. I almost wish they would have gotten this match out of the way on RAW.

other match is Show/Reigns. Now as I said earlier, they have a great
stipulation that ties into their feud. Unfortunately this is a match that
nobody wanted to see. Roman needs an opponent that will make the fans want to
see him win instead of one that fans will turn the channel on. Why the WWE
feels as I this is a good feud I don’t know but someone needs to tell them that
we don’t want to see a giant who’s been getting slayed by everyone get slayed
yet again. As a matter a fact, most fans don’t want to see the Giant in the
ring at all anymore. His matches are boring and they have faced off way too
many times since Romans return.
All in all I believe that the Extreme Rules PPV will be a
worthwhile event.
The Chicago street fight and the Tag title match are two that
are sure to give us an exciting bout filled with fast paced offense and the
brutality we desire. The match of the night will almost definitely be the WWE
World title match, look for an even better match than we got at Wrestlemania
31. Other notable things to keep in mind while watching the event include the
absence of Neville,Wyatt, and Ryback. Those three stars have been making quite
the name for themselves to have been left off of the card. How they will be
used should prove to be interesting. Tune in this Sunday to watch WWE go
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