WWE Banning Seth Rollins’s “Curb Stomp”.

Seth Rollins, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion has less than 6 days to come up with a finishing move to retain his newly won championship. The company has decided to banned the famous “Curb Stomp” finisher that helped Rollins capture the WWE title a few weeks ago at WrestleMania 31. WWE’s idea about the move, is that it is too much of a risk for head injury’s in the near future. Much like the NFL, NHL, and other contact professional sports they want to be more proactive when it comes to preventing head injuries and concussions.
WWE also doesn’t want their top star to be using the move every night, and also will not show the curb stomp in past clips or videos anymore. Banning the move is why last week on Raw when Rollins came out, the video which played during his entrance was primarily just graphics of his name. The normal entrance video for Rollins features a compilation of clips, several of which show him performing the curb stomp.

While I completely understand how this move has direct risk to a Superstar’s head, I also know at the moment WWE is facing lawsuits from past talents who appear to be trying to get money from them. Maybe their decision has nothing to do with lawsuits, could the banning of Rollins move have anything to do with taking the proper precarious to protect other top stars like Daniel Bryan who also at the moment is dealing with head and neck issues.

More important than that, now that The Curb Stomp is gone, so to is the RKO, and the Punt Kick for the steel cage match this Sunday between Randy Orton and Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules. I went to Twitter to ask fans of the wrestling community their thoughts on the latest decision by WWE. @AFedchishin was quoted saying “Honestly, I can’t imagine Seth without the curb stomp.” #GiveCurbStompAChance@Yaboytonez was also quoted saying “Rollins deserves a better finishing move now that he’s champ.”

Seth Rollins
My take on their decision is simply this, I’m all for the safety and protection of the superstars on the roster. Moving forward WWE has to realize they have no control over the injuries in the sport of wrestling. The NFL have also tried to micromanaged the violence in football and some will argue that the product of injuries have doubled since they decided to play it safe. There’s always going to be a risk in any move a wrestler does inside the ring, like the stunner move John Cena has started using in his latest matches. Overall, Seth Rollins is an amazing performer and the top man in the company so whatever he chooses to replace the curb stomp, it needs to be epic!!!
So what do you guys think about the curb stomp being banned? Do you love or hate the decision? If you were Rollins what move would you choose? Leave your comments below or on my twitter page @S_Watson1982.

By Sherron Watson

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