The Greatest WWE Babyface Ever.

Wrestling babyfaces have more often than not been the bread winner for the company. They are the ones that sell the most tickets, merchandise, and even pay-per-view events.

It’s difficult to be a babyface in the wrestling business, many talents have even said publicly that they prefer the role of a heel rather than a babyface. Now there’s a long list of babyfaces that rightly deserve to qualify for greatest ever such as “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Dusty Rhodes, Bob Backlund, Bret “The Hitman” Heart, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Bruno Sammartino, and The Leader of The Yes Movement, Daniel Bryan. 
The wrestling community chimed in on Twitter to give their take on who is the greatest of all-time. @y2stump was quoted saying “Ricky Steamboat is the greatest because he never turned heel in his career.” @KLock7 said “It has to be Hulk Hogan, Hulkamania is still running wild almost 30 years later.”
Even with an impressive list of talented superstars, it really boils down to four that are on top of the heap. Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock are the four many in the wrestling community selected as the greatest babyfaces of all-time. These four Icons are also the most box office drawing wrestlers in their respective era’s. So which superstar is the greatest? John Cena is an polarizing figure and has been the center point of WWE for the past 12 years. 

He’s a 15-time World Champion and the most requested Make-a-Wish celebrity of all-time, but if Hogan, Rock, or Austin were competing in the same era as John Cena would he still be the top guy? While Cena has been the man over the last decade if you look at the other superstars that were mention, all three have come back during Cena’s run to boaster the company a little more.
The Attitude Era is without question one of the most important times in WWE history. Even with the popularity of Degeneration X The Rock and Stone Cold were front and center leading the charge to some of the greatest moments we have ever seen. The biggest problem with The Rock or Stone Cold being the best ever is they both cancel themselves out. The Brahma Bull and The Rattlesnake competed in the same era and by babyface standards wouldn’t exactly qualify as true faces. 
Austin and Rock were babyfaces with attitudes and made an major impact during their time as the top men in wrestling. It’s the same as looking at Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the NBA. Both played in the same era, both made an iconic impact while winning championships and going head-to-head on the biggest stages in professional sports. From having the show SmackDown named after one of The Rock’s biggest catchphrases to Austin’s customize smoking skull belt it’s hard to put one over the other because they both were important in the rise of WWE in the 90’s. 
The Golden Era had some of the biggest names in sports entertainment. We saw the intensity in Randy Savage, we felt the power of Andre The Giant, but the 80’s were all about one man the greatest WWE babyface ever, Hulk Hogan. There still isn’t a wrestler today that is a bigger star than Hogan. He wasn’t coming down to the ring saying whoop ass and flipping off the audience, all he did was put his hand to his ear and posed. 
It was training, saying your prayers, and eating your vitamins that Hogan preached to his Hulkamaniacs while being the cornerstone for WWE. 93,000 people in the Pontiac Sliverdome paid to see Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant no one has done that since. Austin and Rock captivated an audience, brought wrestling back but let’s not forget who was also successful wrestling in the 90’s Hollywood Hogan and the NWO.
You can’t go wrong with any of the four superstars mention but based on body of work Hulk Hogan is without shadow of a doubt the greatest WWE babyface of all-time because he was always the good guy. Ricky The Dragon Steamboat would qualify as a true babyface, the only problem for him and other babyface’s in the 80’s was the same problem every NBA superstar dealt with in the 90’s they had to go up against Michael Jordan. In the golden era, Hogan was always number one and still 30 years later,  Hulk Hogan is the biggest star the sports entertainment world has ever seen.
So what do you think guys, is Hulk Hogan the greatest WWE babyface of all-time? If you had to vote which WWE star is the greatest who would you choose? Let me know by leaving a comment below or on my Twitter page @S_Watson1982. On next week’s edition of TurnBuckleThursday I’ll be giving you my take on “The Greatest WWE Heel Ever.” 

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