A Phoenix On The Rise? Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins Signs with TNA.

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TNA announced today the official signing of frontman/founder of Smashing Pumpkins and wrestling enthusiast, Billy Corgan, to the role of Senior Producer of Talent & Creative. Some people may be wondering what and why a rockstar has any business being in a creative position that high up or even being involved in wrestling business period. 
FYI, for those that didn’t know, Corgan is not only a HUGE fan of pro wrestling for 30+ years, but he actually started his own independent promotion, which he ran quite successfully. 
This could be exactly what TNA needs to lift their momentum, as I see this being a great asset added to their team. TNA, as of late, has put out a tremendous product since the move to Destination America in January, playing to its strengths of great wrestling and great performers. That being said, they have been plagued with some problems lately, more so off camera than on. 
Destination America has been involved in the creativity and direction of the show, but the problem with that is they are not a combat sports channel, like Spike or USA (NBC Universal), is so they don’t really know the wrestling business. They wanted talents, Kurt Angle & Taryn Terrell, to hold each of their respective championships, as Taryn has the all American girl look and Kurt is a former Olympic gold medalist, what would be better than a guy with that credential as your champion on a channel called Destination America?

Sounds all well and good right? Well the problems, now are two-fold: One, the channel has started removing weekly hours from the product and pushing some of their hours back, which was not the initial deal made; Two, the channel has now said they don’t want the company to do European tours, because they feel like that defeats the purpose of having them on a channel called Destination America if they have a show that’s being broadcasted or filmed outside the states.

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Again, the channel has no idea how to promote or sell wrestling. Corgan’s signing may just be what TNA needs to get back into a competitive ball game with WWE or at the very least, become an alternative. The roster is extremely well off in the wrestling department, just a few guys though need some character development. If he can begin to build up the existing characters by helping add more layers of depth or even completely reinvent some guys, this could bring a whole new appeal to TNA.
 Add to the fact TNA’s roster is comprised of a bunch of new, hungry talent, there is an abundance of potential in the company. The only thing stopping the company’s growth, at this point, is the channel they are on, in my opinion. Hopefully, they’ll reach a point where they can eventually switch channels to somewhere that is actually familiar with the wrestling industry.

By Travis F-H.

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